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A Detail Guide to Child Support Tables

Child support table

Children are the most beautiful gift that a parent can have. But the future of children can get shatter due to the parents’ separation. Therefore, we will provide a detailed guide to child support tables to provide a safe upcoming to those kids through this article.

It is not always possible that all the general people of Canada have the right idea of the child care law. In this case, they need to seek help from a professional lawyer to clarify all their confusion.

If you are also thinking about your child’s future after the divorce, read the whole carefully not to miss any vital information.

What is child support?

Child support is the financial support that a child needs after the separation or divorce of his/her parents. Both the guardians or court can decide the amount. If they want to fix the child support payments by law, a lawyer will be required.

With the lawyer’s help after knowing the family condition, the judge will decide if your children need are under territorial law or federal law. Afterward, the amount of money that will be determined is to pay to the other guardian, not the child. But this condition also depends upon the maturity of the child.

Both parents must support their children financially and mentally, whether they are divorced or not. This is one of the mottos of Canada’s child support law.

How to do a child support agreement?

It is better to decide your child’s support agreement at home. Going to the court might be a lengthy procedure. Both the guardians should write and sign the contract as it will be a solid document and the safest way to avoid misunderstanding.

But when it comes under the supervision of a judge, you may not have any flexibility as he will decide base on child support guidelines. There are several tables and rules to be followed under it. Of course, the judge will look upon your financial condition first before deciding.

The main motive of this agreement is to make the child support amount fair. So here is the complete procedure about the steps that are to be followed during a settlement.


It is highly essential to consult with a professional or family lawyer about your next steps because he can guide you in the right way. For example, he can provide you with:

  • necessary information about the guidelines.
  • calculating method to find out the child support amount.
  • your child’s absolute rights and best benefits.
  • your legal rights and responsibilities.
  • the right forms if you go to court.

Possible end of child support

There is an end to everything, like that the financial support will also end at a point when your child will be able to bear his expenses. It is already written on the support order at the time of the settlement.

But there are also some support orders where it is not written about when it will end. In this case, the financial support will go on through both the parents’ mutual decision, or you can seek the help of the court.

Changing income information

It is impossible that your income will remain the same from 5 to 6 years or even more. So for that, you need to provide updated income detail from time to time. This is to ensure a fair amount of child support.

The court will ask for your updated financial data once a year to submit in a written form. Therefore, it is obvious that the child care fund will increase or decrease depending on you.

Changing any of the agreements

If any valid reasons require the changing of agreement, the court will do that. Suppose you have lost your job, or your income has been reduced, then according to that, the court will make some changes. You can inform your problems through your lawyer.

You must pay support whether you are seeing your kids or not

There is no relation between paying support and meeting your children. Some parents also let not the other parent to meet their children due to anger. According to the law:

  • You can meet your children without any bindings if you cannot even pay financial support.
  • You cannot even stop giving your children financial support as the other parent is rude to you.

Child support tables

The child support amount varies from province to province as the income tax is different in all the regions. It also differs in the number of children. The cost of upbringing 1 child will not be the same for 5 children.

If the parent annual income is less than $12,000, it is impossible to pay the support amount. On the other hand, there is a fixed support amount if the yearly income is up to $150,000.

Below is a sample of how to calculate your child support total if your monthly salary is $2,000.

Province: British Columbia

Number of children: 3

Yearly income of support payer: $68,370

Necessary amount: $852

Percentage: 2.4%

Lowest income range: $68,000

The monthly child support amount is calculated below:

$852 + [2.4% × ($68,370 – $ 68,000)]

Then $852 + [2.4/100 × $370]

After that $852 + [0.024 × $370]

At last $852 + $8.88

Total Amount = $860.88

The above table has been calculated based on average spending on children in Canada. The mathematical formula is the same for all provinces, but only the amount is different.


So from the above article, I hope you have now got a clear idea about the child support tables. Additionally, you have also known about how to do the agreements and what matters are to consider while making it.

Every guardian must provide all the basic needs of a child. Even after you get divorced from your loved one, you have to look after your children because your children are safe when they are with you.

So to provide all the fair rights to your children, you must talk to your family lawyer or decide it with the help of all the elderly family members.