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This article contains some of the information that you may need to know about family law generally in Calgary. But and it is a big but, you have to speak to a qualified lawyer to get specific advice about any specific case. This is not legal advice and may not be accurate at the time. It is thought to be accurate but is not to be relied upon by you without retaining a lawyer and getting specific advice about your specific case.

Calgary is a cosmopolitan city. It is the largest city in the province of Alberta, and the fourth largest in Canada. A boom and bust town, Calgary’s economy is reliant on the oil and gas industry. That said there are many opportunities for its people ranging from government, education, medical facilities, transportation, etc. With all these facilities provided, it is a great place to live and the mountains are nearby for summer travel and winter sports such as ski. With all of this one’s family is so important for happiness and well-being. Family is so important as it is the ‘family’ that nurtures you, teaches you, helps you in growing and above all it keeps you happy. However, as we all know peaceful coexistence for some does not come easily. It can therefore become important for us to know a little bit about Calgary family law.

What is Family Law?

Family law is the legal practice concerned with solving the problems pertaining to families in particular when marriages or long relationships breakdown; such as resolving divorce cases, custody, support and others. Although you can go it alone without legal representation, we recommend that each side in a marriage breakup get a personal lawyer to represent them in their case in the family court. The provincial courts and the courts of Queen’s Bench have jurisdiction over family law in Alberta.

Calgary family law personal lawyer can help you by working with you and for you to protect what matters most. Since issues surrounding family are so very important, one needs to be very careful in choosing the lawyer best for you. Our Calgary Family Lawyers can help you with the following:

  • Divorce family lawyer: A Calgary divorce family lawyer is concerned with resolving divorce issues. So, when the couple wants to file for divorce in court it is advisable that both the husband and wife hire their own personal Calgary divorce lawyers. Making a wise choice is important because your lawyer can help you get the divorce easily and without an unnecessary trial. Moreover, your divorce lawyer will not only looks into the matter of divorce itself but also all the other surrounding issues related to divorces like property rights after divorce, custody, and access or parenting time with any children in cases where the couple has a child, etc.
  • Child custody lawyer: If two parents plan to get separated then child custody, access, visitation, and parenting time of children becomes really important. A faithful Calgary child custody lawyer should present the respective party’s case as to why it should be considered by the court to be in the best interests of the child to spend maximum time with the party being represented. Get us on your side. We can help.
  • Marital Property: When a marriage breaks down the separating spouses by law are to divide the matrimonial or marital property equally. The matrimonial home can bring into play some exceptional rules. A prenuptial or other arrangement might also put this in a tailspin. But broadly speaking the law treats a married couple as one economic unit, ergo the financials of the marriage need to be divided upon marriage dissolution and this means you need a really good family law lawyer to look at the assets. This can include property, real estate, cars, homes, investments, stocks, pensions, inheritances, as well as debts. In high net worth divorces one side may attempt to hide assets like actuaries or accountants are sometimes necessary to get your full entitlement out of the legal battle that ensues. Get a Calgary family lawyer who has the experience and knows what to do in your corner fighting for you.
  • Adoption lawyers: Adoption lawyers can help couples to adopt a child. Adoption is again a legal procedure which has to be taken care of while adopting a child.

Apart from these mainstay areas of practice, our team of Calgary Family Lawyers can help with various other matters and issues all to do with family law in Calgary.

Final Outcome:

The decisions of today will affect your future tomorrow and to come. Therefore one needs to choose their lawyers carefully. In Alberta’s cities like Calgary or Okotoks and Airdrie which are populous towns around Calgary, you will find various family law firms that are connected to the practice of family law. Be that as it may, our trusted Calgary Family Lawyers are ready to assist you and you should find a lawyer you have your own faith in. It is a good idea to speak to two or more before you decide the one best for you. The fees charged by Calgary Family Lawyers differ from firm to firm. There are also firms that not only resolve the family issue but also take care of the other basic things like keeping the children out of the matter in case of divorce laws and keeping resources within the family, etc. Now one can choose a lawyer of one’s choice.

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