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Child Support Calculator in Alberta

Child Support Calculator

Child Support Calculator in Canada – many people want to get proper knowledge on this topic. But it’s matter of sorrow that due some reason, they can not get proper right, correct and authorized information from this article.

Child support is an immensely important aspect of divorce. When parents get separated, minors must be taken care of by any one of the parents. The court decides on child custody.

When the court orders one parent to take care of the child, the other parent is bound to provide support for the cause. This is called child support. The custodian parent can claim the child support amount. The child support calculator for Canada is strictly specific to the needs of the child.

If you are living in Alberta, you should know about the child support calculator Alberta. The Alberta child support calculator follows Canadian law and order.

Everything You Need to Know about Federal Child Support Calculator

The Canada Child Support Calculator follows strict procedures, and there are several things that are considered. The federal government determines the child support amount that ensures the proper upbringing of the child. To know more about this you may contact with a Family Lawyer in Calgary to know everything about this. But I hope that if you complete to read this article, you will get enough knowledge about this.

The federal guidelines of the child support-calculator are designed to be fair. It considers the income status of every parent and determines the amount. This amount is deemed necessary for the development of the child with the custodial parent.

The federal guidelines are followed and enforced all over Canada for calculating the child support amount. When the liable parent fails to make the payment, he or she is accountable to the court. That parent can be sued and called upon by the judge.

Online Child Support Calculator

There are several Canadian child-support calculators available online. However, federal guidelines provide a proper understanding of the whole thing for the parents. This gives parents the idea about the amount and calculation process for the child support money they can demand.

The online calculators provide an estimation of the amount. In general, these calculators assume that the child is going to live with one parent for the whole part of his or her life. As a result, the amount can be estimated too much at times. In addition to this, some calculators do not provide the estimation for joint custody of the child.

Nevertheless, the online calculators are here to give you an idea about the possible child support amount you can demand. If you know the federal guidelines, calculating the amount should not be a difficult thing for you.

Child Support Calculator Canada: How to Calculate the Amount

There are different types of child-support calculators available online. However, not all of them can be trusted. Sometimes, a child-support calculator will estimate a very high amount by assuming things that are not correct. If you have an confusion, feel free to make a consultation with a Child Support Lawyer in Calgary.

Nevertheless, several child support calculator follows a specific process to calculate the amount. When you input that information about you, your ex-spouse, and your child, the calculator will automatically generate a number. You can estimate the actual amount around that number and claim the necessary child support in the court.

This first information you will need to input is about you altogether. Your gross income will have to be stated. You will also be asked to mention your age. These pieces of information are necessary because the calculator will determine whether your income is sufficient for upbringing a child all on your own. Moreover, your age will provide evidence of your capacity to acquire the right child support amount.

Similarly, information about your spouse will also be required. The pieces of information the calculator will ask for are the same as what you have provided about yourself. The gross spousal income will be used to determine how much your ex-spouse is capable of paying, and the age will indicate how long the spouse can generate continuous income in his or her life.

After that, you will need to ensure that you are entitled to child custody. The child support amount will vary depending on the type of custody granted by the court. The overall child support amount will be different when the custody is sole custody and when it is shared between the two parents. However, the majority of the child support may not be shared custody child support calculator.

Once all the information has been provided, the calculator will estimate an amount. You can understand that this amount is an estimation. Therefore, you will have to seek lawyer support to actually demand the amount to the other party through a court order.

Child Support Calculator

Shared Parenting Child Support Calculator

Joint physical child custody means that both the parents have equal rights in upbringing the child. Both mother and father are responsible for taking care of the child with all the necessities. In many situations, the court will opt for joint custody so that the child can experience the love of both parents even after their divorce or separation. However, many people do not know how the child-support calculator shared custody works.

50 50 custody child support calculator

First things first, will you still have to pay child support when the custody is shared between the parents? The most straightforward answer to the question is yes; you are still entitled. Joint custody of the child will not prevent a parent from paying the child support amount. The court will use its own joint custody child-support calculator to determine the amount.

The court will use two approaches in determining the amount in this case. At first, the court will judge the eligibility of obligations of paying the child support amount. To do this, the court will take both the parent’s income and the total number of the child into account. This is the income shares model. This model considers the two parents’ capacity to meet their basic needs. Another name of the process is the Melson Formula.

The other procedure is the percentage of the income model. The court considers the two parents’ overall income and uses the percentage rate to determine the child support amount. The percentage rate is obtained, considering several other factors as well. These involve the total number of the child involved in the shared custody, the income of the parents, and the parenting time allocated for each parent to spend and take care of the child.


Divorce or separation is always tough on the child. Living with only one parent or sharing life with either the mother or father can be extremely hard on the child for a certain period of time. Therefore, child support is crucial for the better upbringing of the child. The child support calculator in Canada is updated with the federal rules of 2021. Every parent going through a separation should have an initial idea about child support.