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How Do You Get a Dissolution of Marriage?

How Do You Get a Dissolution of Marriage?

Sometimes, couples need to terminate their marital relationship due to some personal issues or other issues. Then the terminology dissolution comes. In some cases, it is a straightforward going process when the couple has their mutual agreements and so on in this regard.

On the other hand, sometimes getting a dissolution of marriage becomes complicated and challenging for an individual. There are so many internal factors that are responsible for getting dissolution from a marital relationship. In some states or countries, dissolution is not as same as divorce.

So the dissolution process also can be a little complex. In this writing, we will discuss briefly how you can get a dissolution of marriage. So keep reading to know more!

Marriage Dissolution:

The dissolution of marriage is just another term for divorce. But this is the more formal and legal term for divorce. It is because the dissolution of marriage will completely end your marital relationship officially. And if someone does so then, there is no chance to ‘undo’ it.

Marriage dissolution is the legal ending for a married couple. If a married couple ever needs to completely separate from each other. Then that married couple needs to get a dissolution of marriage. The process to get a dissolution of marriage is not a challenging task. There are several ways of doing it.

Marriage dissolution vs. divorce:

There are some differences between marriage dissolution and divorce. And it is imperative to know the differences. Dissolution is when a couple wants to permanently close their relationship, which is a more extreme version of divorce. Divorce is usually an easier process compared to dissolution.

In the dissolution form, there is an agreement on sharing debts, assets, and so on. Technically, dissolution is an easier, fast, and cheaper process than divorce. Divorce contains many legal issues and formalities where marriage dissolution is considered a more painless process.

How can you get a dissolution of marriage?

The first and foremost thing that a married couple needs to do to get a dissolution of marriage is to file a divorce petition. And this kind of divorce petition is also known as dissolution of marriage. And divorce petition form can be different from state to state.

You will find the dissolution marriage form on the official website of your state court. To get a dissolution of marriage, you need to fill-up the form and submit it online. You have to mention the basic information about you and your spouse (e.g., name, residence address, marriage date, etc.).

And also, the dissolution marriage form will ask you about the reasons for separation. Sometimes some information about your children. Such as who will take the responsibilities of your child support, child custody, spouse supports, and so on.

The process of dissolution of marriage:

Once you have done with your form afterward, you need to submit it online. Then it would be best if you served it to your spouse legally. When your spouse has it, he or she also has the chance to agree or disagree upon the agreements. And also, he or she has the opportunity to answer your claims.

When this process moves on, you may need to file more detailed claims. And you need to explain all the questions that the court will ask you. And keep in mind that you need to disclose all the share debts and the settlements. Sometimes if the case is not settled, you and your spouse need to face the court to reach the final results.

Dissolution lawyer:

When you need to face court and need to present your petition in front of the judge, it is always better and suggested hiring a professional dissolution lawyer. Generally, you need to hire someone who is experienced in divorce cases. So that lawyers can understand all your situations and case.

In most cases, the court requires and go through some procedures for the dissolutions of marriage. In that case, a lawyer can help you understand all of your rights and what you need to do, and whatnot. A dissolution lawyer also can help you by presenting your agreements in the court.

When will be the marriage dissolved?

The court will officially issue a final judgment result, and then the marriage will be legally dissolved. The decree documents will include all the issues raised in the case and the judicial decisions. In some cases, there are some issues for settlement. Then the settlement issues also will be mentioned there.

When the judge officially signs in the decree paper, then the marriage will be dissolved. And also, you will get an official dissolved certificate from the court. It is the legal proof that your marriage is officially dissolved. It works like a marriage certificate that shows legal evidence that you guys together.

Factors that involve in the dissolution of marriage:

There are several essential factors that you need to focus on to get a dissolution of marriage. The first factor is you need to create a marital dissolution agreement. And this agreement must sign by both parties; you and your spouse.

The primary reason behind this agreement is that the couple is mutually agreed that they want a separation. And also, this focuses on various kinds of issues of a couple. These issues are in the following;

  • A proper division of the shared assets and properties;
  • Deciding about parental responsibilities. Such as child support or care, child custody, etc.;
  • Determining the marital and shared debts and splitting the responsibilities of those debts
  • And mentioning the reasons behind the marriage dissolution. However, this is an optional task.

The final words:

The whole dissolution process requires a lawyer’s assistance because one needs to go through some internal formalities and legal laws. As a normal person, it is tough to manage all these factors and matters. So it is always recommended to hire a skilled, experienced dissolution lawyer who can help you out.

You should share all your situations and the shared properties or debts (if any). Then a lawyer will come up with ideas that will help you in the court. Not only the help but also he will assist you in getting all these things quicker. So hopefully, the above writing allows you to get a dissolution of marriage.