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Experienced Legal Advice and Suggestion from Top Family Lawyers, Calgary

Experienced Legal Advice and Suggestion from Top Family Lawyers Calgary

Are you looking for Experienced legal advice and suggestion? you are in the right place. If you have issues with your spouse or partner and are thinking about getting separated from them, then you will want a top family lawyer in Calgary.  There are many lawyers in Calgary who are experienced and are very good.  Any number of family lawyers in Calgary might be considered to be top family lawyers for Calgary.  Ultimately, it is your call and your choice to make.  You have to decide which Calgary Family Lawyer is right for you and it is a very important decision that you need to make.  That is why, when selecting a top family lawyer in Calgary, you should speak to a number of different lawyers from a number of different law firms and decide for yourself which one you feel the most confidence in.

The lawyers with our firm are happy to speak to you anytime about your case or potential case.  Our lawyers are experienced in family law and are ready to help.  A Calgary legal professional will help you find the appropriate legal solutions to all the questions and issues that may arise in your entire process of getting divorced.  The aftermath of a divorce can be taken under control by your lawyer including child custody, spousal support, and parenting time.  Other issues might include the division of assets, debts, and liabilities.  If you are searching for a good divorce lawyer near me, then please consider making use of our firm as we are more than happy to help.

How can a Calgary Divorce Lawyer help you?

There are many divorce lawyers across Calgary.  Our firm helps people in Okotoks and Airdrie too.  Our clients will get experienced advice and suggestions for the best courses of action when considering and proceeding to divorce or legal separation.  The following is some help and guidance offered family and divorce lawyers:

  • Petition for divorce: This is the first step of the divorce process where divorce lawyers Calgary can assist.  This starts the issue with the court which will lead up to a final order of divorce where all the issues are determined, including property division, spousal support, and child support.
  • Interim applications: While you are waiting for the final order for divorce, any number of interim applications may be made to the court for interim or temporary orders such as spousal support and child support.
  • Serving the petition: This is the next step in the process of divorce, where the petition must be served on your ex-spouse, or you may have just been served, in which case you ought to call a lawyer and decide which Calgary Divorce Lawyer is your top choice. I encourage you to speak to more than one.  Once the petition is served, then the party receiving the petition for divorce has a limited amount of time to answer it.  This is like filing a statement of defense which is typical of any civil law proceeding and divorce is one part of our civil law.
  • Contesting the divorce: Now the defendant in the proceeding will file their answer to the divorce petition. Extensions of time are sometimes sought and the other lawyer will grant an extension in usual cases where necessary.  But it might not be necessary for an extension of time.  Once the pleadings have been filed, the case moves on to the next step.
  • Determination of the issues: Different divorces have different issues in play.  At the most basic level, the typical issues are property division, division of debts and liabilities, child custody, support, parenting time, and spousal support issues.  Who will live in the matrimonial home can be an issue also.  Any issue can be put before the court on an interim basis.  In the divorce proceedings, when the final order for divorce is handed down from the court, whether that is reached through an agreement of the parties with the help of their legal counsel, or whether it is conducted through a trial in the courtroom, the divorce proceeding ends with the final order.
  • Interim applications for child support, spousal support, et cetera: Any number of interim applications may be made between the time of the filing of the petition for divorce and the final outcome of the case and final order for divorce dealing finally with all the issues. If you are separating and you need spousal support or you need child support, speak to a lawyer and the interim application for spousal support, child support, maybe to remain in the matrimonial home, et cetera, can be made at the same time that the petition for divorce is filed.  It is frequently the case that a spouse separates and leaves the home and then immediately requires support so that it makes sense that the court will entertain this application immediately, providing the other side with some notice in which time to hire a lawyer, this can be as little as two days’ notice, and then proceed in Judge’s Chambers for an interim order for spousal support, child support, or whatever is necessary.  We handle cases for those who are pursuing support as well as those who are being pursued.  If you have received an application of this nature, you should hire a Calgary Divorce Lawyer.
  • Child custody: This can be dealt with on an interim basis and typically is. This can be agreed upon between the parties.  When the divorce proceeds there will be a final order.  Orders can be varied if there is a material change in the circumstance.  Even after a final order for divorce, dealing with issues of child custody and other child arrangements such as child support, circumstances can and do change and it is often appropriate and necessary to change the court order.  Hopefully, this can be done through negotiation without the necessity to have a contested courtroom application but, in any event, the recourse is available to you and this is something with which a top Calgary Divorce Lawyer will be able to help you.
  • Financial settlements: Financial issues are an important part of any divorce process. Financial issues include spousal support or alimony, as it is known in the U.S.  Child support is another financial issue. Apart from spousal support and child support, you have the issues of assets which can be real estate, bank accounts, investments, vacation properties, cars, boats, rights to share in pensions or other retirement savings, rights to share the benefits of testamentary gifts received by one or other of the spouses during the marriage under a will.  This is not an exhaustive list.  There is also the debts and liabilities which need to be addressed.  Income cases of high net worth, it may be more complicated if one party is trying to hide assets, bank accounts, businesses, et cetera.  A top Calgary Divorce Lawyer can help you.

No lawyer in Calgary or elsewhere should say that they are the “Top family lawyers from Calgary.  There are many equally good lawyers in Calgary to choose from who are experienced in family law.  Our lawyers in Calgary are honored to assist our clients to the best of their abilities and to help you to make the entire divorce process run smoothly. Therefore you can go forward in the process with more confidence. You may be trying to win child custody or spousal/financial support. Or you may be getting pursued for the same.  Call us for a free consultation.