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Spousal Support Calculator in Alberta

Spousal Support Calculator in Canada

Do you want to know more about Spousal Support Calculator? Read our full article to get in-depth knowledge on this topic and after completing the full article you will have get proper knowledge on this.

Spousal support is a significant part of a divorce. When couples get separated, a chunk of the money is divided. One of the spouses gets eligible to receive spousal support from the other.

Spousal support is monetary support provided to one of the spouses by the other. This is generally asserted by the court itself. Calculating the spousal support amount can be quite tricky. There is several spousal support calculator Canada available for people living in Alberta.

Let us dig dip on the matter throughout the article.

How Are Spousal Support Payments Calculated?

Spousal support is widely known as alimony across the world. It is an essential aspect of divorce as it provides the support a spouse may need due to the painful separation from marriage. However, spousal support calculation may not be as simple as it seems. You may need a qualified and experienced Family Lawyer in Calgary who can help you to do this.

If you are residing in Alberta, the spousal support calculator Alberta will provide you with an estimation of the money you can claim. This is not the final amount that you may be awarded. However, the spousal support Alberta requires you to know and have an initial idea about the correct amount you can claim as alimony from your spouse during separation.

There are several things to consider when you use any online spousal support Canada calculator. First and foremost, you need to input several pieces of information about you and your spouse. If you are the one intending to receive spousal support, you first need to check your eligibility. These pieces of information are utilized to provide you with clarification of your eligibility.

In addition to this, the amount of time you and your spouse have been together is also a piece of very crucial information. Finally, the involvement of children makes the estimation even more complicated and different.

What determines if a spouse gets alimony?

Determining your eligibility for getting alimony will be decided by the court. The most basic requirement is unequal income. You must be greatly in need of monetary support after divorce to be eligible for receiving spousal support. On the other hand, the other spouse must be capable of providing the spousal support amount determined by the court. For any kind of help you may contact with your Spousal Support Lawyer in Calar to help you

Furthermore, the judge may not even consider spousal support if the couple has been married for a short period of time. When couples are married for a long time, they have been together. This may show that one of the spouses is hugely dependent on the other. Therefore, he or she will require monetary support from the other, even after divorce.

How Is Spousal Support Calculator in Alberta?

The Alberta law and order are strict towards spousal support. If you intend to apply for it, the court will follow the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. This is the initiation of calculating the actual amount you may be entitled to receive through spousal support.

The guideline is a provider of a range of amounts despite showing an exact number. It considers the overall period the couple had been together. The formula is used to assess the total amount of time lived together by the couple along with their income to determine a range of spousal support.

To calculate spousal support, two formulas are used. One is with a child, and the one is without child formula for spousal support.

Without child spousal support formula

Since there are no children involved in the relationship, more weight is put on the relationship’s duration. The court will accept and determine spousal support increase up to 25 years of togetherness or more. This involves marriage as well as living together before marriage.

The formula is putting a percentage amount over the difference of the gross income of the couple. Around 1.5 to 2 percent of the difference in revenue each year of marriage will be used to calculate the total amount of spousal support.

The age factor also plays a role here. Suppose the divorce takes place when one spouse is retired. This means that the spouse no longer has any income source and requires support from the other. Of course, the other spouse must also be financially capable of providing monetary support after divorce.

With child spousal support formula

Here, the court will put more focus on the upbringing of the child. Along with child support, spousal support is included if the child is determined to be needing more than the child support amount.

The spousal support tax deduction calculator Canada subtracts taxes and child support and sums income and government benefits of the payor to order the spousal support amount. The same formula is used by the spousal support tax deduction calculator to determine the range amount for the receiver.

There is a specialized Canadian spousal support calculator to determine the amount. The calculator considers the child support amount you require for the best upbringing of the child. Moreover, the calculator requires the amount of time the couple has spent together. It also considers the child’s age as the amount is subjected to vary depending on the duration of the support required until the child is of mature age.

Spousal Support Based on Child Custody

Child custody can be of 2 basic types. Based on the type of child custody, the court will decide on the spousal support amount.

Shared custody

The original spousal support amount will need to be calculated when the custody of the child is shared. Since the child can spend and grow up with both his or her parents, there are still some issues regarding the situation.

Depending on the time spent with each parent, the spousal support amount can be altered. However, it is a must to remember that the spousal support amount will not automatically fall due to joint child custody.

Split custody

Split custody means that one parent is solely responsible for taking care of the child. This will definitely change the spousal support amount.

Split custody refers to the fact that the child spends most of its time with one parent only. As a result, that parent will require more money to look after the child. This will alter the spousal support amount.

The formula is a bit different than the usual one for calculating spousal support. There is a national table amount that will need to be subtracted from each of the parents. This is done because the child lives more time with one parent only.

What Is Reasonable Spousal Maintenance?

Spousal maintenance is the monetary support paid to the spouse after divorce. It can be either yearly or monthly, depending on the remaining life span of the person.

The nominal spousal support amount is calculated by determining the income generation of the receiving spouse. Usually, the court will order one spouse to pay the little spousal maintenance amount to the one who is primarily responsible for taking care of and upbringing the child. If the custodial parent is incapable of acquiring equal income than before, he or she can reapply.


Divorce is always the last resort of an unhappy marriage. On top of that, situations and court work related to child custody, child support, or spousal support can be tricky and complicated. There is numerous spousal support calculator that can be found online. It is the responsibility of every married couple to look after all the necessary information during the event. This will help them in winning the battle at the court and live a better life after separation.